24- Interview with Max Trescott

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  • Feedback-
  • Life-
    • Star Wars Day
    • Weight loss
    • Chasing the baby
  • Patreon
  • Upcoming shows ?
    • Interview with the prebuy guys and Carl Valiri
    • Audio recording from Wings over Illawarra
      • https://www.wingsoverillawarra.com.au/

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2 Responses to 24- Interview with Max Trescott

  1. Great episode as always.
    The only thing that’s disturbing is your attitude towards those bad pr news for the Airlines.

    Instead of thinking about what went wrong from the costumers viewpoint you only defended current policies of the airlines. And that’s exactly what the passengers are feeling. Those airlines don’t give a … about us and treat us we were a piece of Cargo. It has nothing to do with entitlement, it’s called Service.
    I think everybody in the airline industry should think about, how it could come this far

    • Thanks for your feedback Johann but I can say with some very high confidence that these stories we are hearing are not the whole story and the policies of the airlines we violated. The only story I see when the airline actually did something wrong was the United flight. Which I believe I said on the podcast lined up a lot like an accident. Many holes in the Swiss cheese lined up on that one. I believe that airlines provide better service than many of the other service industries. Thanks for listening to the show and providing feedback. I will read this on the next episode I encourage all feedback especially feedback that differs from my opinion.

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