The Beginning

I am excited to start this new blog and share my experiences with you.  I am looking forward to sharing the experiences of my little piece of the aviation world and the interesting activities of my family.

Goals for the blog:

  • Share me experiences in aviation especially my path to resume flying after almost 10 years.
  • Share my families travel adventures and give reports on the different cities that we visit and share the tips and tricks that we have learned.
  • Share different activities that we do as a family.
  • Comment on aviation current events and give a perspective from the operational side of an airline.
  • Produce content that will be interesting to my readers and followers and interact and answer questions.

What the blog won’t be:

  • Inside information about the inner workings of my employer.  I love my job and the company I work for and I do not want this venture to interfere with my career.
  • Posts that lack content just to keep the blog active,  I am going to post when I have something that I feel is worth your time to read it.

The blogs division:

  • I will be categorizing my post into two groups flying and life:
  • Flying posts will have something to deal with aviation.  Whether it be a trip, a flight experience or  a current event, all of the aviation related content will be under flying.
  • Life posts will be more of a personal content that is related to activities and adventures of my family. I have two wonderful young boys and it’s my goal to have them experience as much as possible before they move out of the house. Life will also cover my other hobbies like brewing beer, stargazing, and photography.  Life will be anything that is not aviation related.

Overall, I am excited to start this blog and I am looking forward to providing you with exciting and informative content.

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