27- Remembering September 11, 2001

In this episode,

  • Remembering September 11, 2001
    • 9/11 events
    • Personal stories, and some recorded stories. The goal of this episode is not to glorify the day or our stories but just to put them out there.  We as a country pledged that “we will never forget” and there are college students now that don’t remember the day and a whole new generation, like my kids, who need to learn what happened.  Just a warning, this episode will have some emotional times so if you cry easily or frequently I suggest not listening to it while driving.
    • Dispatcher Mike’s Story
    • Dr. Steph’s Story
    • Greg’s story
    • Jeff’s story
  • Photos from the 9/11 Museum

The survivors tree showing the old and new growth

World Trade center transportation hub. Every September 11 at 10:28 am (the time the north tower fell) there is a beam of light through the roof.

The south Pool at the 9/11 Memorial

Original street landmark sign for the World Trade Center

First display in the 9/11 Memorial Museum

The Last beam removed from Ground Zero

The original Slurry wall of the World Trade center site

The start of the names of AAL 11

Freedom Tower

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26.3 – OSH Day 4

Photos in the show notes at Flyingandlife.com

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26.4 – OSH Day 5 and Wrapup

In this episode,

    • Interview with NASA Langley Director Dr. David E. Bowles
    • Interview with my Kids about their time and OSH and why its important to take kids to airshows. (possibly talk about the time with the kids around Boeing Plaza)
    • Final Numbers from OSH
      • Attendance: Approximately 590,000, an increase of five percent over 2016
      • Total aircraft: More than 10,000 aircraft arrived at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh and other airports in east-central Wisconsin
      • Wittman alone, there were 17,223 aircraft operations in the 10-day period from July 21-30
      • Total Show Planes: 2,991 Show planes (up 5 percent over 2016):
        • 1,107 homebuilt aircraft (second straight year over 1,100),
        • 1,162 vintage airplanes (up 12 percent),
        • 351 warbirds,
        • 168 ultralights and light-sport aircraft,
        • 79 seaplanes,
        • 54 rotorcraft,
        • 60 aerobatic aircraft,
        • 10 hot air balloons
      • Camping:More than 11,600 sites in aircraft and drive-in camping accounted for an estimated 40,000 visitors throughout the week.
      • Guests registered at International Visitors Tent:A record 2,527 visitors registered from a record-tying 80 nations. (Additional unregistered international visitor counts push the total higher.)

Jennifer’s Top 10

1. The people!!! (Meet-ups, coffin, etc)
2. Blue Angels interviews.
3. NASA forum.
4. UPS interviews.
5. Doc! (And Fifi)
6. Heritage flights.
7. Oshbash
8. Doolittle Raid Commemoration
9. The night air show (even in the rain)
10. Warbirds (including  modern military, especially the A-10s)
11. Stairs trucks (In honor of Spinal Tap, I always take my top ten lists all the way to eleven. LOL!)

Mike’s Top 10

  1. Showing kids, Sisters kids and God Daughter all of the planes in Boeing plaza and talking about them and sharing what they do.
  2. Interviewing the Blue Angels
  3. TBM-Avenger – seeing where my Grandfather served
  4. UPS interviews especially with F/O Kate.
  5. The Coffin and spending time there
  6. Walking the vintage area and getting to see a camping area
  7. The Ultra light area – Getting to see a totally different side of Aviation
  8. Seeing my old Flight instructor and friends from college
  9. The Twin Beech act Seeing
  10. Boeing Plaza change every day

You can find me on Twitter @flyingandlife Facebook.com/flyingandlife
Or you can email contact@flyingandlife.com

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26.2 – OSH Day 3

UPS B767-300F

UPS First Officer Katerina Silbaugh

View from Cargo Door looking Aft

View of the 767-300F Aft to forward

One of the containers locked in position in the Main deck

Interview with LT. Tyler Davies

Lt. Tyler Davies #6 F/A 18

Front View of the F/A 18

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26.1 – OSH day 2

Day 2 Photos:

Flying Car Prototype


Aft Navy markings on the P-8

Boarding Door with Equipped Air Stairs

Strange Placard for a Military jet

Looking Aft from Forward Boarding Door

Sonar Buoy Rack

Lower Aft fuselage Buoy Exit Hatches Rotary Launch

Lower Aft fuselage Buoy Exit Hatches Free Drop Launch

Military Painted RV-10

Military Painted RV-10

Heritage flyover. F-35, A-10 and 2 P-51 mustangs

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26 – OSH Day 1

Day one podcast from OSH.


Check out this episode!

B-17 flying over giving rides

Selfie infront of the brown arch

EAA CEO Jack Pelton giving his opening remarks

Ford Tri-Motor

My self and the “Collins Coffin”

TMB-avenger the plane that my Grandfather served on


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25 – Pre-Buy Guys Interview

Flying and life Episode 25-

In this episode,

  • Topic
    • Interview with the Prebuy Guys
    • Life-
      • Very busy May
        • Disney
        • Death of Grandfather
          • Lived long almost 92
          • Was the man who turned me onto aviation
          • Subtle reminders of him
        • Law School Graduation
        • June Worked lots of overtime


You can find show notes for this episode at flying and life.com/25

You can find me on Twitter @flyingandlife and Facebook/flyingandlife

Or you can email contact@flyingandlife.com


Opening and closing music is from Bensound.com and bumper music is from purple planet.com


You can find the podcast on Sticher radio

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24- Interview with Max Trescott

In this episode,



  • Feedback-
  • Life-
    • Star Wars Day
    • Weight loss
    • Chasing the baby
  • Patreon
  • Upcoming shows ?
    • Interview with the prebuy guys and Carl Valiri
    • Audio recording from Wings over Illawarra
      • https://www.wingsoverillawarra.com.au/

You can find me on Twitter @flyingandlife and Facebook/flyingandlife

Or you can email contact@flyingandlife.com




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23 – Sun n Fun – Day 5 and recap – Purpose of SNF









Dynon Avionics


Sun N Fun Education



SNF 2018 –

April 10-15

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23 – Sun n Fun – Day 4

Interviews with:

Searay aircraft



Flight design aircraft



My Radar




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